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3 HVAC Systems to Consider When It’s Time for a Replacement

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Investing in a new heating and cooling system? If so, it’s important to be as knowledgeable as possible so you make the best choice for your home, comfort and budget. Split, hybrid heat split, and ductless mini-split heating are three of the most common types of HVAC systems to choose from for your Homewood, Alabama, home.

Split Systems

Known as the most traditional type of HVAC unit, a split system consists of components that are both inside and outside of the home. You’ll usually have an air conditioner unit that sits outside the home, a furnace that is inside the home, ducts that carry the heat or cooled air to different rooms, and a control panel. Split systems provide superior heating and cooling efficiency when properly maintained. For example: changing the air filter every 30 days is important to maintaining optimal energy efficiency.

Hybrid Heat Split Systems

Considered an advanced version of the traditional classic heating and cooling system, a hybrid heat split system provides superior energy efficiency and comes with the option to use an electric furnace rather than a gas-powered one. It consists of a heat pump that produces both heat and cooled air, a furnace and evaporator coil, ducts to carry air throughout the home, and a thermostat interface. Like a traditional system, hybrid heat split systems are available with optional accessories.

Duct-Free Mini-Split Heating and Air Systems

This type of system provides numerous advantages over a system that requires you to install ducts in a home. A duct-free mini-split system will consist of a heat pump, a fan coil, a thermostat interface to control the temperature, and wires and tubing. Individual units are installed in rooms or zoned areas with no need for ductwork. Ductless mini-splits are extremely quiet, provide excellent air purification and energy efficiency.

Total Comfort Heating & Air specializes in quality heating and air installations and will be happy to make recommendations to help you decide on the best system for your home. Contact us by visiting our website or giving us a call at (205) 386-2056.

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