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4 Signs of an Improperly Installed HVAC System in Birmingham, AL

poorly installed HVAC

Proper installation of an HVAC system goes a long way in enhancing its efficiency. An improperly installed HVAC system will not keep your home or family comfortable.

Poor Airflow

A properly installed HVAC system should have a high airflow to enhance efficiency. If the unit is improperly connected to the ducts, the cooled air might be leaking, thus prohibiting airflow. Incorrect load calculations also lead to poor airflow, which may later cause your HVAC to perform sluggishly.

Strange Noises

HVAC units should be extremely quiet in their operation thus, noise is one of the key indicators that your HVAC system is improperly installed. A noisy unit consumes more energy leading to a hike in electricity bills. The strange noises may occur due to worn out components or even loose brackets and screws.

To avoid these strange noises, you should regularly maintain and repair your unit by consulting professionals. Regular and prior maintenance will save you a lot of unnecessary costs incurred when purchasing a new HVAC unit in Birmingham, AL.

Frequent Breakdowns

A well-installed HVAC should operate efficiently with minimal repairs. Frequent breakdowns are common when a unit is improperly installed since it’ll be functioning in the wrong way. Always ensure that professionals have installed your HVAC unit to avoid such breakdowns.

Electrical Short-Circuits

Short-circuits are common when an HVAC unit is improperly installed. This is due to the poor wiring that may take place. Short-circuiting can easily lead to dangerous accidents. Insulation of the electrical wires will also aid in preventing the short circuits.

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