In order for your Birmingham, Alabama, home or business to remain comfortable year-round, it’s important that your HVAC system components work together seamlessly. When it comes to air conditioning, the evaporator coil is essential. Without the evaporator coil, your AC couldn’t blow cold air, so keeping it well-maintained is a must.

What Is an Evaporator Coil?

An evaporator coil is a portion of your air conditioner that sits indoors and removes heat from the air as it blows. The refrigerant moves between the evaporator coil and the outdoor condenser coil. The refrigerant changes to a gas as air travels over the coil and causes a heat exchange. The refrigerant heats up while the air cools down.

How Does It Affect Your System?

The evaporator coil works with your system’s condenser coil to keep coolant moving to remove heat from your home. Once the refrigerant has changed, the gas moves on to the condenser coil located on the outside of your home. This causes a reversal of the heat exchange where the refrigerant cools and becomes liquid again. The refrigerant then moves back to the indoor unit and starts the process over again.

Common Problems With Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils sometimes get a buildup of condensation. Because it’s located in the dark within the unit inside your home, it can lead to biological growth. Condensation is supposed to drain, but if a clog develops in the drain pan, water can back up and overflow leading to water damage and other issues.

Another issue we see a lot is a frozen evaporator coil, which makes it impossible for the heat exchange to take place. By getting routine HVAC maintenance done on your unit, you can keep the coil clean and free of frost so your air conditioner can do its job.

Has your air conditioner been acting erratically? Have you put off maintenance for too long? Our technicians at Total Comfort Heating and Air, LLC, have years of experience fixing and maintaining HVAC units to keep your home at a reasonable temperature throughout the year. Call us today at (205) 386-2056 to schedule an appointment.

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