Total Comfort Challenge

Help Eradicate Ovarian Cancer

while running a maintenance check on your System!

The charge for a System Maintenance and Cleaning is normally $59.95 but we are challenging you to take care of your home and family while doing something great at the same time. For this challenge, we will discount your fee by $4.95 and send another $5.00 of your charge to The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance!

This organization is the foremost advocate for women with ovarian cancer in the United States. To advance the interests of women with ovarian cancer, the Alliance advocates at a national level for increases in research funding for the development of an early detection test, improved health care practices and life-saving treatment protocols. The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance educates health care professionals and raises public awareness of the risks and symptoms of ovarian cancer.

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We are an American Standard Customer Care Dealer meaning that we are part of an ongoing process designed to give our customers the best possible experience every step of the way. Take care of your home, your family, and take the challenge to help eradicate Ovarian Cancer in our time.