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Did You Know These 7 HVAC System Myths Were False?

HVAC system

Your home’s HVAC system helps your space be comfortable and cozy despite the weather outside. You might have heard about different maintenance tasks that you need to perform to keep your HVAC system in good shape. However, there are a lot of myths concerning the HVAC system, so here are some of the myths you need to ignore in Trussville, AL.

1. You Do Not Need to Clean Fins and Coils

Evaporator coils and fins are responsible for handling heated air before it gets to your space, and the condenser coil absorbs heat from the air. The air passing through the coils and fins contains specks of dust, and after a while, these specks might form a layer of dirt and grease. Failure to clean the coils and fins will interfere with the functioning of your heating and cooling system and also lower the quality of indoor air.

2. Routine Maintenance Is Not Necessary

The HVAC system is a complex machine, so for effective, reliable and efficient functioning, you need to carry out maintenance at least once every year. If you fail to schedule routine maintenance, your heating and cooling system might break down when you need it most. It’s also important to note that emergency repair costs are expensive when compared to routine maintenance costs.

3. A Bigger HVAC System Cools the Home Faster

Most people believe that a bigger HVAC system works better because it can cover a large space. However, this is not true; for effective and efficient functioning, the size of your heating and cooling system should match the size of your space.

When your HVAC system is bigger than your space, it will cycle on and off frequently, leading to more energy consumption. Your system will also not stay on long enough to dehumidify your home properly. When your heating and cooling system is smaller than your space, it will work harder for it to cool the space.

4. Let Your HVAC System Run Until It Quits

The initial cost of purchasing an HVAC system is high, but that does not mean you should let your system run until it dies to save money. As your system ages, repairs will most likely become more frequent. If you’re facing a repair that is close to 50% of the cost of a new system, it’s probably wiser to invest in a new system. In addition, an old system consumes more energy.

5. You Should Replace Your HVAC Filters Once a Year

Air filters are responsible for filtering dust particles and allergens from the air before it gets into your space, and it is best if you replace them every 3 months or more frequently, if needed, or if you have pets. When you go for a whole year without changing the filter, the thick layer of dust on the filter will strain the heating and cooling system as it tries to pull air through the filter. When the heating and cooling system strains to perform its functions, it uses a lot of energy and causes an increase in your utility bills.

6. Closing Vents in Unused Rooms Reduces Energy Consumption

The design of the HVAC system allows it to distribute air to specific areas of your home. Closing vents in unused rooms will not save any energy; instead, it will increase pressure in the air ducts and cause leaks. Also, the amount of air moved by the air blower reduces when you close the vents, and this reduces the efficiency of the heating and cooling system.

7. Your HVAC System Is Ready for Summer Without Inspection

Ideally, spring is the best time to inspect your heating and cooling system before it starts working during the summer season, but any time is better than skipping maintenance.

If you fail to inspect the condition of your HVAC system before the oppressive heat kicks in, it might break down in the middle of the summer season when you need it the most. A professional can perform an inspection and give you updates on its condition.

For your system to function efficiently, you should schedule regular maintenance. If you need installation, repair, maintenance or other HVAC services in Trussville, AL, please contact us at Total Comfort Heating & Air.

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