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Is my Hoover, AL, Home Getting Enough Airflow?

enjoying healthy airflow

Weak airflow from your air conditioner causes stale air in your Hoover, AL, home, even in the cooler seasons of the year. However, your family doesn’t have to remain uncomfortable because weak airflow is often easy to address and fix. Read on to understand why you might be experiencing inadequate airflow, the benefits of good airflow, and how you can improve air circulation.

Benefits of Good Airflow in Your Home

A good working HVAC improves the flow of air in the home. Regulating the air moving in and out of the house introduces fresh air and removes the stale air. Good airflow improves the health and wellbeing of your family.

It also filters out allergens such as pollen, which causes allergies and hay fever. Some common health problems caused by improper airflow include respiratory problems such as asthma. Maintaining a steady and good airflow is crucial for your family’s comfort, helping keep them healthy year-round.

Improving the airflow in your home reduces the risks of the development of bacterial growth and condensation too. The following are some ways you can help improve airflow in your home.

Change the Air Filters

Changing the air filters in your AC unit every three months is essential to improving airflow in the home. Air filters in the air conditioner trap dust and other particles moving through your home. A clogged air filter will slow the movement of conditioned air throughout your home.

Weak airflow may cause your air conditioner to freeze, which could cause damage. You should also purchase air filters with the right MERV ratings for your HVAC system to ensure efficient filtering out of allergens without restricting air circulation in the home.

Open the AC Dampers

To maintain good airflow through the AC, you might need to ensure that any dampers in the ductwork are open. It would be best if you always turned your dampers in the ON position to reduce incidences of stale air in your home.

Seal the Leaking AC Air Ducts

Leaking AC air ducts are a common problem, and it’s a major cause of weak airflow in your home. A leak in the air ducts allows contaminants such as dust, pollen and other contaminants from your attic or crawlspace to pass through them. hey also allow conditioned air to escape, costing you more money as your system has to work longer to cool or heat your home.

It’s not easy to check for duct leaks. However a professional technician can check for leaks and gaps and measure airflow out of vents that will also indicate a leak due to low airflow.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Services

To improve airflow in your home, you must ensure that the AC is in good working condition. To do this, schedule regular AC maintenance services, where your technician will perform several tasks. Some common tasks include testing the system’s operation, duct cleaning and inspecting the system inside and outside.

Weak airflow in your home signals that your HVAC system has some problems, and the HVAC technician can identify underlying issues with your AC before they get out of hand. They’ll then address the issue and advise you on how to make your HVAC unit run efficiently. If you’re serious about scheduling regular tune-up services, you’ll improve the efficiency of your AC and possibly lengthen the lifespan of your unit as well.

Invest in a Ventilator

A ventilator will help to draw in the fresh air in your house while removing stale air. It’ll also help lower the humidity, keeping your home comfortable all year long. A ventilator will also pre-condition the incoming air using the outgoing air, which keeps your HVAC system running smoothly. If you reside in Hoover, AL, contact our technicians at Total Comfort Heating & Air to schedule installation, maintenance and repair services for your HVAC system.

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