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Your Guide to Energy Recovery Ventilators in Trussville, AL

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Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) have a design that helps maintain a constant temperature in a building by exchanging the stale air inside your home for the fresh air circulating outside your Trussville, AL home. By paying attention to the moisture content in the air inside your home and ventilating accordingly, an ERV system can help reduce the energy used for heating and cooling systems. The following are benefits of energy recovery ventilators.

Longer HVAC Life

HVAC systems are expensive to install and operate. The ideal way to make them more efficient is by reducing the load on the air conditioner. ERV ventilators do this by exchanging stale air for fresh air while also extracting the energy from the exhausted air and use it to treat the incoming air.

By maintaining a constant temperature within a building, energy recovery ventilators reduce stress on HVAC systems. In addition, ERVs can treat stale air in the HVAC return air stream in buildings with high air exchange rates.

By allowing outside air to flow through the ERV assembly and mixing with return air, there is less work needed from your HVAC system to remove air contaminants. As a result, the need for regular HVAC maintenance or repair services would reduce due to the reduced stress on HVAC components.

Lesser Energy Costs

The amount of energy an air conditioner uses is directly proportional to the size of your HVAC system and the number of persons in your building. ERVs can be beneficial in reducing the energy consumed by HVAC systems by recovering the energy in the expelled air and using it to treat the incoming air, maintaining a constant temperature in buildings, improving building systems and reducing the strain on your HVAC system.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality has become a significant concern recently. If you don’t employ the use of filtration or HVAC systems to clean the air circulating in your home, the number of pollutants you get exposed to can negatively impact your health. An ERV can also help ensure your home has a constant supply of clean and purified air.

For an ERV system to work effectively, a fresh supply of outside air must be continually introduced to replace stale air in your building. The major pollutants in the air circulating inside your home include dust and chemicals. ERVs help eliminate indoor air pollutants by supplying fresh outside air and getting rid of the stale air inside your home so as to help alleviate the contaminants from your Trussville, AL home.

Having clean ducts will also help ensure your home has good indoor air quality. In older buildings, ductwork can become clogged over time from dust and debris. Having one of our professional technicians clean your ducts can increase the amount of clean air flowing through your system, thus improving indoor air quality.

Low Humidity Levels

Energy recovery ventilators have designs for specific comfort conditions. When the humidity level inside your home is too high, it can cause problems like organic growth. An energy recovery ventilator will also dehumidify the incoming air and sending the moisture back into the air being expelled back outside.

Using outside air to eliminate offensive odors within a building helps improve indoor air quality. Using ERV systems reduces odors or eliminates them, ultimately making indoor air safer for occupants to breathe.

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