Regular maintenance of your HVAC is vital for your home in Trussville, AL. According to experts, spring is the perfect time to schedule residential HVAC maintenance. Below are some reasons why you shouldn’t skip your HVAC maintenance this season:

1. Spend Less Money With HVAC Maintenance

Seasonal HVAC maintenance saves you from future spending. It extends your unit’s lifespan and increases efficiency to maintain it.

Everyone is looking to save up some coins, and HVAC maintenance does precisely that. Annual maintenance gives you an idea of how well your unit is functioning and gives you time to plan for a new system. Your service professional can tell you how long you can keep your system going and the kind of improvement in efficiency that a new HVAC system would offer.

If you’re new to AC maintenance, knowing when to schedule maintenance may not be obvious. You’ll get the most value out of a tune-up if you schedule the work before you begin to use the system for the season. This gives you time to find and fix potential issues and gives your system a whole season of operating at top efficiency.

2. Maintain Your HVAC’s Warranty

Most manufacturers require you to have your system seasonally maintained. Some warranties require evidence of seasonal HVAC maintenance and repair by a professional. This ensures that only professionals work on your HVAC system and reduces the risk of damage by human error.

3. Improved Air Quality

System maintenance is a great way to ensure that your indoor air is free of particulates. Although pollen, allergens and dust might be okay outdoors, you don’t want to have them circulating in your home. Clean indoor air can reduce allergy symptoms and improve overall health and wellness.

Contact us at Total Comfort Heating & Air to maintain or repair your AC. We can make suggestions on how to keep your unit running well and offer upgrades and replacements when you’re ready to improve your home comfort.

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