You can conserve power, lower your utility bills, and make your Birmingham, Alabama, home more comfortable by upgrading your heating system. A new furnace is a large investment, but it can help pay for itself through energy savings — and it can raise your home’s value. There are several efficient heating options available, but here are three options to consider for your home.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps don’t require as much energy as many other heat sources, in part because they transfer heat instead of producing it. In winter, they move heat into your home. The flow of refrigerant inside the coils reverses in summer to move heat away from your home. Another benefit to homeowners is heat pumps use less space than a separate furnace. Heat pumps don’t work efficiently in subfreezing temperatures, so most units have backup electric resistance heating coils. Fortunately, that’s not generally a concern in Alabama.

Gas Furnaces

Natural gas is relatively inexpensive, and you can connect to the local gas utility in many neighborhoods, making gas furnaces and propane heaters attractive options. With a two-stage or modulating furnace, you also conserve fuel when higher heating settings aren’t needed. You can also avoid temperature fluctuations by keeping your system on a low setting.

Ductless HVAC Systems

A ductless system has one or more indoor air handlers that are attached to your walls or ceilings, and they’re connected with the outdoor unit by a small tube for refrigerant. Many ductless systems have zoning that lets people set different temperatures in different rooms or zones. This means you can avoid heating or cooling empty rooms and can keep the rest of your home comfortable. Ductless systems are easier to install than most others, and they’re ideal for renovations or additions.

Total Comfort Heating & Air, LLC is ready to help you choose and install the best, most economical heating system for your home. Call us anytime at (205) 386-2056 for quality service and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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