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3 Signs You Should Consider Zoning Systems

Consider Zoning Systems

Your heating and cooling system should keep your Birmingham, Alabama, home comfortable in every season. If you aren’t happy with your HVAC system’s performance, however, there may be a simpler solution than replacing your old air conditioner or heat pump with a new one. Find out what zoning systems are and discover three signs you should consider zoning your HVAC system.

Your Family Can Never Agree on a Temperature

If your family can never seem to agree on a temperature that feels comfortable, you may end up experiencing constant thermostat battles, unnecessary temperature adjustments, and an inefficient heating and cooling system. Zoning systems can resolve these disagreements and keep everyone comfortable by dividing your home into two or more heating and cooling areas. Since each zone has its own thermostat, everyone can set their preferred temperature.

Some Parts of Your Home Never Feel Comfortable

Factors like the number and size of windows, the level of insulation, and the location within your home can all affect how different rooms feel. If the rooms over the garage always feel too cool and the rooms surrounding the sunroom always seem too hot, they’ll never feel comfortable enough. Rather than overheating or overcooling uncomfortable rooms, ask the Total Comfort team about zoning systems instead. Zoning can help your cooling and heating system run efficiently while making every room more comfortable.

You Use Some Areas of Your Home More Than Others

If you use the main level of your home for everything from cooking and working to relaxing and enjoying family time but you only use the upper level for sleeping, you may not need to heat or cool both levels to the same degree. Establishing a first-floor zone and a second-floor zone could lower your heating and cooling costs substantially without compromising anyone’s comfort.

Whether you want to learn more about zoning systems or you want to know if zoning is a smart solution for your home, we’re here to help. Call the Birmingham HVAC experts at Total Comfort Heating and Air: (205) 386-2056.

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