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3 Tips for Landscaping Around Your AC Unit in Trussville, AL

landscaping around outdoor AC unit

Since your AC has an outdoor unit, landscaping habits around your home in Trussville, AL can significantly affect how the system functions. Here are three landscaping tips that can help you ensure that your AC’s outdoor unit remains in good working order.

1. Don’t Crowd the Unit

We recommend leaving at least 3 feet of empty space around your AC and about 5 feet of space above it where no plants grow. This will decrease the likelihood of stray debris flying into the outdoor unit, and it will make it easier for technicians to gain access when they need to perform repairs or preventive maintenance.

2. Choose the Right Plants

Since your yard will inevitably have some sort of plant life growing not far from your AC, be careful what you allow to grow there. Since seeds and pods may fly into your outdoor AC unit with the help of a breeze, it’s not wise to place any fruit plants or plants with seed pods in the unit’s vicinity. The same is true of plants that produce a great deal of pollen.

Instead, plant tall trees or pretty bushes not far from the unit. The former will provide some shade on hot days. The latter will beautify your property.

3. Build a Fence

Keeping debris out of your outdoor AC unit may not always be possible by following the two tips above. In that case, you can build a fence or border around the unit to protect against flying debris.

Even after exercising the greatest care, your AC may still run into trouble from time to time. If that happens, call Total Comfort Heating and Air and sign up for the finest AC repair services around Trussville, AL.

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