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4 Benefits of a Heat Pump

saving money

While you may think of a heat pump as a system that can only heat your Birmingham, Alabama, home, a heat pump can do so much more. Heat pumps do double duty, heating your home in the winter and cooling it in the summer. But besides keeping you comfortable all year long, your heat pump can also offer these three benefits to your home.

Energy Savings

Heat pumps are more efficient than other systems because they transfer heat instead of creating it. If you have an older HVAC system, switching to a heat pump can conserve energy and help the environment by reducing pollution. The increased energy efficiency will be noticeable on your utility bill.

Lower Costs

With a heat pump, there’s no need to have a separate furnace installed. Choosing an individual furnace and a separate air conditioner could cost thousands of dollars more than a heat pump.

More Space

An air conditioner and a furnace require a significant amount of your home’s valuable indoor space. You’ll recoup more of that storage space with a heat pump, and ductless models hang on your ceiling or wall eliminating the need for interior space of a central air handler.

Quiet Operation

Most of a heat pump’s noise comes from the outdoor unit, keeping the inside quiet. Furnaces and air conditioners are usually inside the home and can cause noise pollution that can be irritating and bothersome.

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