Your HVAC system’s job is to make you comfortable during every part of the year. If you need HVAC repair in your Hoover, AL home, you will feel it right away. You can find four common reasons for repairs below.

1. Thermostat Problems

Thermostat problems are some of the most common HVAC system failures. Your thermostat may not display the correct temperature reading, or it may not tell the system to turn off as it is supposed to. Our professionals will need to inspect the wiring to determine if there is an electrical short.

2. Dirty Air Filter

You should check and change your HVAC air filters as needed. Air filters remove pollutants and allergens from your home to improve air quality. Our professionals will replace your air filters during maintenance appointments to ensure they are always working as they should. However, homeowners should check the filters monthly to see if they should be changed more frequently.

3. Duct Problems

There will be inconsistencies of temperatures in certain rooms of your home if your ductwork needs repair. You may find that one room is significantly warmer than another in your home. There may be a hole or crack in your ductwork that requires repair as soon as possible by our professionals.

4. Sensor Problems

Your air conditioner or heat will not turn off or on if there are problems with the sensors on your HVAC system. Your system may run continuously trying to meet the temperature called for by the thermostat, resulting in higher electric bills every month. It is also likely that your home will feel too warm or too cool. This issue requires repair as soon as possible to help you save money.

Contact Total Comfort Heating & Air

HVAC repair is essential if you have encountered any of the problems mentioned above. Contact our professionals at Total Comfort Heating & Air to schedule the HVAC repair services that you need.

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