Renovating your Adamsville, Alabama, home can be an exciting experience. However, there are many things you need to do in preparation and during the renovation. Among those tasks is making sure that your HVAC system is protected through the process. When you are ready to begin your next home renovation project, follow these tips to ensure that your HVAC system is protected through the process.

Turn Off Your HVAC System

When the renovation process kicks up a lot of dust, you should switch off your HVAC system. When your HVAC system is on while you are doing dusty work, it will push dust and debris through the air. These pollutants will eventually work their way into the ductwork causing it to become dirty and will continue to recycle the dust throughout your home.

Close Your Vents and Registers

If you are running your system while renovating, close and cover all the vents and registers in the room that is being renovated. If vents in that room are left open, the debris from the renovations can get into the vents and ductwork and circulate through your HVAC system. However, you should also make sure that you don’t have too many vents closed at once to ensure you aren’t causing a major restriction in airflow.

Clean Often

Even if you have a project that is expected to last a while, you should clean the work area frequently so that you reduce the amount of the debris on the ground or in the air. Wiping surfaces and sweeping up every few hours should be enough.

Change Your HVAC Filter Often

Even with proper protection, some dust and debris will still make its way into your HVAC system. To limit the amount of dust and debris in your system, check your filters often during renovations and change your filters as often as needed.

If you have recently finished home renovations and need to have HVAC maintenance, contact Total Comfort Heating & Air at (205) 386-2056. One of our specialists will get your system clean and running as it should.

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