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How New Furnaces Are So Much More Energy Efficient


Technology has changed every aspect of our lives, including the way that we heat and cool our homes. From self-modulating gas valves to variable speed air handlers, these innovations enhance your comfort while lowering your energy bills. If you’re in the market for a furnace installation or replacement in Bath, Pennsylvania, see how much you can save with each of these features.

Two-Stage Heating

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, half of residential utility use in Pennsylvania goes toward heating, so modulating furnaces have the potential to lower your heating bills substantially. Many of the Carrier furnaces that we install feature two-stage gas valves and burners that reduce fuel consumption by 3.4 percent according to the Department of Energy. These systems save you money by operating at lower capacities 90 percent of the time.

Variable Speed Blowers

When paired with a variable speed blower, modulating furnaces achieve efficiency ratings above 96 percent. Depending on the design, electronically commutated motors may have two operating speeds, or they might be fully variable. Research from the Department of Energy shows that variable speed blowers use 40 percent less electricity than single-stage models. Together with modulating gas valves, these products generate substantial energy savings and deliver more consistent comfort.

Condensing Furnace Flues

While conventional furnaces have annual fuel utilization efficiency ratings between 80 and 83, condensing furnaces are 90 to 95 percent efficient. Rather than letting warmth escape through the chimney, these systems use a secondary heat exchanger to capture energy that would be wasted otherwise. This upgrade only requires minor modifications to the venting system due to the lower exhaust temperatures. Installing a furnace that’s 95 percent efficient can lower your heating costs by 13 percent.

To learn more about these features or our furnace installation services, call Sullivan Oil & Propane at 610-813-6555. Additional information about our line of Carrier heating products is also available online.

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