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Leave Heat Pump Installation to the Pros in Birmingham, AL

Two Heat Pumps Outside House

Barring the unusual case of homeowners who happen to also be HVAC technicians, homeowners should not attempt DIY heat pump installation. No matter how confident you are in your abilities as a handyman, there are many reasons you shouldn’t try this on your own.

1. It Could Compromise Your Safety

Heat pumps are electrically powered devices, meaning that any attempt at installation requires significant electrical work and therefore carries some risk of electrocution. If you don’t have the knowledge and training of an HVAC technician, that risk only increases for you.

2. DIY Carries Hidden Costs

By trying to save money on installation services, you could inadvertently end up costing yourself more. DIY installation carries a higher risk than having something installed improperly, which would force you to eventually shell out more money for repairs and reinstallation. DIY heat pump installation may also affect your comfort because subpar installation leads to subpar system performance.

3. It May Decrease Your Home’s Value

Trying to install your heat pump on your own may adversely affect your home’s value. Poorly installation of a heat pump could have broader consequences for how your home’s electrical system works and how it channels power in general. If you don’t fix the potential electrical problems, your home will be worth less if you should ever decide to sell it.

The combined short-term and long-term consequences of DIY heat pump installation should give pause to anyone who contemplates it. Asking for professional assistance is a far wiser choice. Call Total Comfort Heating & Air, and take a look at our suite of heat pump services that we offer to residents of Birmingham, AL.

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