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My Furnace Won’t Shut Off in Trussville, AL

heat pump not working

A healthy furnace will cycle, or turn on and off, several times every hour to preserve your home’s warmth. When the system refuses to stop running, it likely means there’s an issue with your thermostat or filter. Your furnace may not be able to stop cycling if it’s dealing with any of the following issues in Trussville, AL.

Dirty HVAC Filter

A clogged HVAC filter is one of the most common factors behind a constantly running furnace. When this filter becomes filled with dust and pollutants, it prohibits air from reaching the system. Your heating system will have to stay on for longer to produce enough viable heating for your home.

Temperature Set Too High

The higher your thermostat settings, the longer you can expect your heating system to run to meet that temperature. It’s best to lower your desired temperature a few degrees to decrease harmful strain on your furnace.

Blower Motor Concerns

You likely have a blower issue if your furnace keeps running but no warm air comes out of your vents. The blower is responsible for circulating air from the system into your ductwork. Trust a technician with your HVAC repairs to correct a faulty blower.

Faulty Furnace Limit Switch

The furnace’s limit switch controls the production of heat within the system. When your home gets too cold, the thermostat will direct the limit switch to turn it on. However, when this switch becomes faulty, it might leave your furnace on for too long.

Letting your heating system continue to cycle irregularly could ultimately leave you with lackluster indoor comfort and high monthly energy bills. You may also have to deal with costly heating repairs or part replacements if the problem worsens. Call Total Comfort Heating and Air, LLC for dependable heating maintenance in Trussville, AL now.

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