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Preparing Your HVAC System for Summer

HVAC maintenance

Summers in Birmingham, AL, can get very hot and humid. You’ll need an efficiently working air conditioning system to keep your family cool. At Total Comfort Heating & Air, our trained technicians can come out and prepare your entire HVAC system for summer by performing a spring maintenance tune-up. Changing the air filter can improve the airflow in your home and also help keep allergens from circulating. We will clean the inside and outside component parts of your central air conditioner system. We will also check refrigerant levels and perform tests to make sure there are no issues with your entire HVAC system.

HVAC System Maintenance Will Help You Save Money

Energy bills can be very expensive, especially during the hot Birmingham summers. If your air conditioning system is working efficiently and effectively, your monthly energy bills may be lower. If we find any problems with your HVAC system while performing the maintenance tuneup, we can fix them right away.

Keep Little HVAC Issues From Becoming Big Problems

Small issues now can lead to larger, more expensive problems later. That’s why it’s better to attend to problems sooner than later. If your air conditioning system is clean and working at optimal levels, it will increase the life span of your HVAC system.

Ways to Save Energy and Protect the Environment

It takes a lot of energy for homeowners to run their air conditioning all summer longer. If your central air conditioner is clean and working well, it won’t have to run as much to keep your home cool. This will save energy. It will also help protect the environment.

Contact Total Comfort Heating & Air, today to schedule your HVAC maintenance and tuneup. Our HVAC experts will provide exceptional service for all of your HVAC needs in Birmingham.

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