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Should My Heat Pump in Trussville, AL, Be Loud?

calling for heat pump repairs

It’s normal for your heating system to make some noise, particularly during start-up or when shutting down. sometimes it’s easy to identify strange sounds that your system may make in Trussville, AL. Here are some heat pump noises you may hear and what they mean.


These noises coming from your system are never good. They indicate a lack of the routine maintenance you need to keep your heat pump clean and greased. When the unit’s parts require lubrication, they make this sound.

Typically, it shows a problem in the system’s motor. When left untreated, the sound becomes louder, leading to system damage. You need to call a technician when you hear this sound.


Banging noise from the outdoor unit often occurs during the cooling cycle. It shows that some components are loose. Additionally, it could also indicate foreign objects stuck on the fan blade as it rotates.

If you notice a loose component on your system, call your contractor for repairs before using it further. The technician may recommend replacing the fans if they’re damaged.

Vibrating or Rattling

A rattling heat pump noise signifies that the outdoor unit’s mounting feet are loose. It also means that the outdoor unit isn’t level. Check the base of the system to look for damaged mounts and see if the system moves as it runs.

If you have broken mounts, replace them. Also, put rubber pads below the heating system to absorb the vibration and minimize the noise.


If you hear a squealing sound from the heat pump, it could signal a problem with the system’s motor or fan.

The compressor could be putting the refrigerant under too much pressure. Call a professional for help if the noises begin without any changes to the system’s compressors.

Is your system producing strange noises? Contact Total Comfort Heating & Air, LCC, for heat pump repair and maintenance services in Trussville, AL, and its surrounding communities. Our experts will do whatever it takes to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

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