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The Cause of 4 Strange AC Odors in Your Bessemer, AL, Home

AC odors

An air conditioner will typically give you signs when it needs repair services. Some common signs that you can expect from a malfunctioning HVAC unit are strange noises and odors. Read on to learn about some possible AC odors that might come from your HVAC system Bessemer, AL.

1. Rotten Egg Smell

Rotten eggs or sulfur odors from your HVAC can signify a possible gas leak. Utility providers add this odor to their systems to alert people of a possible leak, so you should never ignore the smell.

Alert your air conditioner maintenance provider immediately when you sense this smell. Remember to open your windows and doors before getting out of the house while you wait for a professional technician.

2. Dirty Socks

This smell is quite unpleasant as it wafts through your home. Dirty sock smell typically means that your AC’s condenser coils have some bacteria growing on them.

Condenser coils help to absorb heat and make the air cool. You’ll need to contact a professional HVAC technician to clean the coils properly. Homeowners can inadvertently damage the coils which can be expensive to repair.

3. Burning Smell

If you smell anything burning in reference to your air conditioning system, turn the system off immediately. It’s possible some electric components such as fans, compressors and power wires are burning. You should turn off the air conditioner and call a professional HVAC technician. You should not attempt to fix this problem yourself.

4. Car Exhaust Smell

An AC unit has some fluids that may emit a smell like exhaust fumes. If your system gives off a smell like that of a car’s exhaust there could very well be a leak in the refrigerant line. This refrigerant leak is dangerous because it releases hazardous fumes and reduces the performance of the air conditioner.

If you notice this kind of chemical smell, you should call a certified technician immediately. Open the windows to ensure that your home has adequate ventilation until a professional can address the problem.

If you reside in Bessemer, AL, and you’re smelling strange odors coming from your air conditioning unit, you should call in a professional. Contact us at Total Comfort Heating & Air for all your AC maintenance and repair services.

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