With spring on its way in Birmingham, AL it’s almost time for your heat pump to switch gears and start cooling your home rather than heating it. Spring is the perfect time for technicians to look over your system to ensure minor problems don’t turn into expensive ones during the summer. Find out below why spring heat pump maintenance is a great investment.

Saves on Operation Costs

Over time, components in your heat pump begin to wear out, and dirt builds up in the system. Under these conditions, your heat pump has to work harder to cool your home and becomes more expensive to operate. A professional can replace faulty parts and remove any debris adversely affecting your system, making it more cost-efficient to keep your home comfortable.

Prevents the Need for a New Heat Pump

A heat pump working harder to cool your home due to lack of maintenance is not only more expensive to run but can also shorten the life span of your system. If you schedule annual maintenance, you can expect your heat pump to serve you well up to its manufacturer’s advertised service life, and you can also avoid a premature replacement.

Protects Your Warranty

The warranty on your heat pump protects you from repair or replacement costs if the problem is the manufacturer’s fault. However, the manufacturer may not pay if you can’t prove that your system has had regular service. After our professional technicians have inspected and tuned-up your heat pump, they will provide you with the documentation you need to keep your warranty valid.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Heat pumps improve indoor air quality by circulating, filtering and dehumidifying the air in your home. A clogged filter or faulty part can seriously impact your system’s ability to provide these functions. A trained professional can check to ensure your heat pump delivers the highest air quality possible for your family.

Spring heat pump maintenance can help you keep down energy costs, extend your system’s lifetime, protect your heat pump’s warranty and improve the air quality in your home. Contact Total Comfort Heating & Air today to discuss our affordable maintenance plans so you can enjoy your summer without worrying that minor issues with your heat pump will turn into expensive repairs.

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