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How to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Keep Home Cool

It’s summertime in Trussville, Alabama, and as the temperature increases so do your energy bills. This time of the year it is tempting to crank up your air conditioner to keep your home cool. But, by using the following few tricks you can keep your home cool without a huge energy bill at the end of the month.

Check Your Fan

Many people don’t realize it, but, to keep your home cool you need to set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise during summer months. When the fan rotates counterclockwise, the warm air gathering at the top of the room is pushed away and mixes with the cooled air. You’ll immediately feel a breeze.

Draw Your Curtains and Blinds

Yes, we all like a bright home, but direct sunlight that pours in through a window is guaranteed to heat your home up. To solve this, draw the curtains and blinds when you aren’t in a room to keep the area cool.

Cook Outside

Indoor cooking creates and retains loads of heat in your home. One way to reduce the problem is to only cook during the coolest times of the day. But an even better solution is to cook outside on a hot day. Having a barbecue is fun for the family, and your home stays cool.

On very hot days your AC system will be working very hard. Be sure that it’s maintained so it doesn’t let you down on those hot summer days.

For other ideas on how to keep your home cool this summer, call Total Comfort Heating and Air at (205) 386-2056.

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