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Why You Should Leave HVAC Maintenance to the Pros

Maintenance to the Pros

Because you’re good with your hands, you might be tempted to fix small problems with your HVAC system by yourself. What could go wrong? Actually, quite a lot. Instead of risking damage to your system, let our HVAC maintenance experts in Birmingham, Alabama, tackle the problem. If you do go it on your own, here are a few problems you might cause.

You’ll Shorten the Life of Your System

Looking up a YouTube video on how to perform HVAC maintenance is not the same as having years of experience. While you might be able to complete small tasks, you could miss warning signs of other issues. Our HVAC technicians know exactly what to look for and will help your system last as long as possible.

You’ll Spend More Money

Repairing and maintaining your HVAC system requires more than a wrench and some sockets. You’ll need advanced equipment that costs quite a bit of money. Why buy all this equipment that you’ll only use sparingly when you could simply call in a professional?

You’ll Ruin Your Warranty

Many HVAC systems come with warranties to safeguard the customer in the event of malfunction or defects. Often, this warranty is only valid if you have your HVAC system maintained by a professional. Working on the system yourself will surely void it. This means that if anything goes wrong in the future (even if it wasn’t your fault), you won’t have any coverage from the manufacturer. 

You Might Hurt Yourself

Perhaps the number one reason not to work on your own HVAC system is safety. Even if you make a small mistake, you could electrocute yourself.  Even if you do make it out unscathed, you could seriously damage your home by starting a fire or damaging your electrical system.

As you can see, trying to perform maintenance on your HVAC system by yourself is dangerous. Get the help you need with your heat pump and air conditioning system today by calling Total Comfort Heating and Air at (205) 386-2056.

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