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Work From Home? 3 Ways to Boost HVAC Energy Efficiency

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Working from home in Moody, Alabama, definitely has its perks. These perks also come with a few downsides, though, such as having to use your home’s energy to fuel your work activities. To keep energy expenses to a minimum, it’s important that you know how to boost HVAC energy efficiency. Three ways to boost HVAC energy efficiency are to upgrade to a smart thermostat, change the air filter regularly, and invest in regular maintenance.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat does so much more than allow you to create a heating and cooling schedule that complements your lifestyle. Smart thermostats use some of today’s most advanced technology to learn your heating and cooling preferences. By combining this technology with algorithms, the smart thermostat makes sure the HVAC unit is meeting your preferences with optimal energy efficiency.

Change the Air Filter Regularly

The air filter on the HVAC unit not only cleans the air flowing through the HVAC system, but it also impacts the airflow. When the filter is dirty, it restricts airflow and makes it difficult for the system to maintain efficiency. As the system works harder to achieve your heating and cooling preferences, it will consume excessive amounts of energy. By changing the air filter regularly, you can optimize airflow to the system, easily allowing the HVAC system to cool or heat your home with maximum efficiency.

Invest in Regular HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to boosting HVAC energy efficiency. During a maintenance session, a technician will inspect all parts of the system. If there are any worn or damaged parts, the technician will repair or replace them to ensure the system can effectively and efficiently heat and cool your home. It’s best to invest in HVAC maintenance at least twice a year.

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